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The Value Crisis

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Do you ever wonder why we
resist doing the right thing?

Why time and again, we choose economic growth
over community well-being,
or working endless hours over doing what we love?

In The Value Crisis, Andrew Welch offers a unique perspective on these questions.  He reveals how the unprecedented dominance of numbers and number-based values in our world has relegated our time-honoured human values to the wayside.

This timely book explores human motivations, the power of numbers, and the role of value systems in our everyday lives.  Through provocative insights, engaging personal anecdotes, and new theories, The Value Crisis shows us that by getting back to fundamental human values, we might just save our world.

“If you want to understand why the GDP has come to rule our lives and, many would argue, ruin them, then read this book.”

- Nicola Ross, past Editor-in-Chief, Alternatives Magazine

“Andrew Welch has pinpointed the conceptual bottleneck of a value system that cannot serve us in our new circumstances.”

- Mike Nickerson, author of Life, Money & Illusion

“Andrew Welch's Corporate Hierarchy of Needs is a powerful insight for leaders of all organizations.”

- Rhonda Sullivan, CEO, Lavelle Industries, Wisconsin


Aanimad Press
ISBN 978-0-9879105-0-9

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