Our Second Chance

About the Book

Changing course and
solving the value crisis

The world is facing a crisis of catastrophic proportions, and at the core of that crisis are values based on numbers.  What makes those values so dangerous is that we consistently let them override our living human values, even in the face of evidence that doing so could bring about the devastation of our lives or the biosphere that surrounds us, or both.

This book begins where The Value Crisis left off, and presents a proposal for how we change course, how we rediscover the joy and importance of human values within a practical new economic model, and how we avoid the terrible ends that we are presently accelerating towards.  Drawing heavily from the field of ecological economics, it takes specific solutions created by great thinkers who have already wrestled with these challenges, and makes their insights accessible to all.

My first book offered new insights into the What and WhyOur Second Chance is solution-based, offering the How, and even the When, Where, and Who.

  -  Andrew Welch, author



"These essays do not describe sacrifices that everyone should make for the sake of the planet.  Quite on the contrary, they detail how we can rediscover what is truly important in our lives, what brings us deeply meaningful happiness, what gives us hope for the future, what restores our faith, and how we can restore that to prominence.  With the worst of the viral threat now behind us, many people are wondering if we will go back to our old ways, or if we will use this incredible opportunity to learn from our mistakes and evolve into a more sustainable supportive society one that can withstand both the expected and unexpected challenges to come.  Good question.

Our global society has been given a second chance.  The world was thrown off those rails that had been leading it unilaterally towards destruction.  The challenge now is to nudge things in a different direction before greater powers lever society back onto the doomed path.  That transition is not going to happen on its own.  We need to make different choices on both a personal and society level.  This book offers some bold and mostly proven initiatives for changing our course and solving the value crisis. The race is on."

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274 pages, 6"x9"
Captus Press
ISBN 978-1-55322-419-8 eBook
ISBN 978-1-55322-420-4 paperback


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