The Value Crisis

Speaking to Business & Community Leaders

Andrew Welch comes from a business and community leadership background himself.  He has held management positions and sat on boards (profit and non-profit), and his employment CV ranges from small medical labs through to Canadian General Electric.  Most of his career has been as a self-employed management consultant, specializing in healthcare, IT matters, facilitation, and experiential education.

In contrast to that, he also has an impressive professional theatre resumé as an actor and director, and he continues to serve as the official Town Crier for the Towns of Caledon and Erin, Ontario.

As a result of his unique background, his presentations are always engaging, informative, and entertaining.

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Sample Topic:

Leading the Most Valuable Organization Possible

Audience:  Business and community leaders

Generally speaking, most job descriptions can be distilled down to a request to create value – value for customers, value for shareholders, value for partners and stakeholders.  However, there are many different kinds of values.  Since the industrial revolution, most businesses have been accused of only measuring one value: money.  This singular definition of success became an all-pervasive obsession that soon reached out into every other branch of society, and is arguably responsible for some of the greatest challenges facing our planet today.

Author and speaker Andrew Welch has spent more than a decade exploring our value systems and relationship with numbers.  In this unique, powerful, and sometimes life-altering talk, he reveals the unrecognized characteristics of number-based values and explains how they have led us to the brink economically, environmentally, and socially.

Prepare yourself for new and valuable ways of thinking about how we define success, how to lead members of your organization to discover real value, and how to become part of global solutions instead of contributing to our value crisis, while still creating value.  You may never look at your job or personal aspirations the same way again.


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