The Value Crisis

Speaking to Environmental Groups

Andrew Welch comes from a business and community leadership background himself.  He has held management positions and sat on boards (profit and non-profit), and his employment CV ranges from small medical labs through to Canadian General Electric.  Most of his career has been as a self-employed management consultant, specializing in healthcare, IT matters, facilitation, and experiential education.

In contrast to that, he also has an impressive professional theatre resumé as an actor and director, and he continues to serve as the official Town Crier for the Towns of Caledon and Erin, Ontario.

As a result of his unique background, his presentations are always engaging, informative, and entertaining.

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Sample Topic:

Four Things that Keep Us from Taking Action to Save the Environment

Audience:  Environmental Groups

Climate change, energy crisis, economic meltdown – we all know what disasters seem to be unavoidably lurking in our future.  So why are we (as individuals, as communities, as a society) not doing more to avert them?  What is holding back our governments?  Why are so many of us unable to take real effective action against these looming crises?  Andrew Welch proposes answers to these questions in a powerful new theory that has been described by one journalist as “headsmackingly commonsensical”.

His recent book, The Value Crisis, is a hit with book clubs all over, largely because caring readers are very keen to discuss the ground-breaking ideas that he introduces, explaining the root cause of some of the biggest challenges facing the planet.  In this talk, he offers four reasons why things aren’t happening that should be – and what we can do to change that.


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