The Value Crisis

Speaking to Congregations

Andrew Welch grew up in a number of different Christian denominations.  (Since his mother was a professional singer, the family attended whichever church had the best choir!)  While not currently a member of any single congregation, he participates on the periphery and actively pursues a significant amount of charitable work in his community and beyond.

Due to the nature of his value system studies, a number of faith groups have asked him to speak to their members about his ideas and new perspectives.  Andrew enjoys being challenged by the issues raised in these forums, and is keenly interested in how congregations balance the value systems inside their faith with those that face them outside of it.

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Sample Topic:

Living and Championing a Different Set of Values

Audience:  Congregations

As members of a faith community, we congregate to explore and practice our shared values.  Yet how aware are we of precisely what defines those values?  What do we do when they are in conflict with values that we find outside of our congregation, in our everyday lives.  Religion and spiritualism have been largely relegated to islands of ‘good’ within oceans of value systems based on numbers where more is always worth more.  And now we are slowly beginning to realize that the precedence society gives to number-based values could well be responsible for some of the biggest challenges facing the planet.

Andrew Welch has created a new framework for exploring value systems that can be applied to any spiritual practice.  Given a different way of looking at the value crisis looming on the horizon, we can better understand our own conflicts and pursue ways of resolving them within our communities and beyond.  His fresh perspective presents the roles of both religion and government in a new light, and provides a compelling argument for the de-secularization of society.


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