The Value Crisis

“A dynamic, engaging and
high-energy presentation.”

- Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia

Speaking to Seniors

Much of the phenomenal response to The Value Crisis since it was first published has been driven by older readers.  In many ways this is not surprising.  The key message of the book is subtle, but they get it.  After all, today's seniors are the ultimate cross-over generation, having experienced both the 'old' and the 'new' worlds in this time of an unprecedented pace of change.

These audiences also apparently want multiple copies to distribute to their children and grandchildren.  The author recognizes the immeasurable value that such devoted readers have to communicating the essential message of the book, and he's always thrilled to pass it on to extended learning groups, service clubs, and other mature audiences.

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“Andrew Welch is an excellent speaker.
He has fascinating content and he
presents so well – visual and voice.”
“...gifted at presenting his topic
and engaging his audience.  I am
appreciative of his ability to help me
understand my questions about my life choices
and those that make decisions for me.”

- Two members, Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia

Sample Topic:

Rethinking the Values For the Next Age

Audience:  Seniors

Plagues and other global pandemics, industrial revolutions, and two world wars - we have survived massive sweeping changes before.  Sometimes we got it right, sometimes we were wrong.  So why should this time be any different?  The idea that humanity cannot go on simply taking from the earth is not new.  Such wisdom has been explicitly recognized for almost 100 years, although it might be argued that it has been innately known for millennia.  The study of such principles is called ecological economics, a discipline largely founded on common sense.

Author Andrew Welch takes ecological economics one step further, connecting it to the seemingly insane demise of social justice, global cultural diversity, and human well-being.  He has discovered a common thread that not only links these concepts together, but actually goes further to suggest an explanation for our accelerating self-destructive behaviours.  This powerful presentation shines the light on numbers as a measure of value, giving us an entirely new way of looking at the massive challenges that await future generations, and what the solutions might entail.


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