Our Second Chance

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Announcing the sequel to The Value Crisis...

Our Second Chance

Changing Course and Solving the Value Crisis


The world is finally waking up
- millions are calling for change.

They know what the problems are,
but what to do now?

Ecological economics has pioneered powerful systems for solving our greatest environmental and financial challenges.  Yet change is not happening fast enough to defuse the looming disasters.

Our Second Chance delves into the heart of the value crisis that prevents us from taking the action so urgently needed.  By constantly using values measured by number to define success, humanity is headed for trouble.  This work shares real strategies to re-empower human values, restoring some balance to our lives and society.

Using anecdotes from his own lived experience to illustrate the best ideas from ecological economics, Andrew Welch breaks through with solutions that are both fantastic and fantastical - and they've been proven to actually work.

By taking effective action now, we may not only bring more joy into our lives... we might save our world at the same time.

Our second chance might just be our last chance...

"Andrew Welch's book "Our Second Chance" is a well-written, easy to read book that examines how our way of life destroys that which we should value the most.  By focusing on symbols of value as opposed to that which we really value, we have fallen into a self-destructive trap from which we must escape.  Mr. Welch paints a picture of what a path of value-rationality looks like.  Whether you agree with his portrait or not, there is no doubt that the questions he raises are of existential importance - ones that we must address for the sake of our children's future."

- David Etkin, Professor, York University


Captus Press
ISBN 978-1-55322-419-8 eBook
ISBN 978-1-55322-420-4 paperback

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