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bullet Andrew Welch granted membership in the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, April 21, 2022

The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to intelligent debate and action on global issues.  (You might recognize the Club of Rome as the panel that produced the famous book "A Limit to Growth" in 1972.)

Andrew has already been lined up to speak to the other members in a talk entitled "New Views on Value and Qualitative Economics"
bullet Town Crier and Visionary - Andrew Welch releases new book, Orangeville Citizen, February 24, 2022

"Andrew Welch is a multi-talented man.  A graduate of math and computer sciences from the University of Waterloo in 1984, he went on to do many things.  For the last few years, his focus has been on his career as an author.  While his first book, The Value Crisis, is not a fiction it has received the kind of attention mainly given to fiction."  Read article
bullet The Value Crisis - 2nd Edition is now released!

The first edition of "The Value Crisis" has sold out, just in time for the release of its sequel.  On the assumption that "Our Second Chance" will undoubtedly renew interest in the original work, we decided to put out an enhanced 2nd Edition of "The Value Crisis".  The new version has a new introduction and a very small number of internal corrections.  It also has an Index of topics and quotations, making it easier to quickly find your favourite passages and pithy quotes.  All future sales, including those done online through Amazon, will be the 2nd Edition.
bullet SEQUEL BOOK to The Value Crisis

As you may have heard, Andrew Welch has been working on a sequel to The Value Crisis - one that proposes actual solutions to the challenges of the value crisis, both for individuals and communities (and potentially the planet).  After some lengthy delays due to the general chaos of life at present, the manuscript is complete and now in pre-publication.  It will be available after February 1st, 2022!
bullet The Value Crisis goes Audio! Multiple episodes on The Sill Podcast

The Value Crisis, and its sequel, have been very popular topics in the podcast universe.  You can access some episodes here.  In September 2021, we received word that our podcast on the topic of a Universal Basic Income had been picked up by Podcast Radio and broadcast to their 200,000 listeners in the U.K.  Give us a listen and see what all the buzz is about!
bullet Exploring the Value Crisis, Caledon Public Library Discussion Series,
Tuesdays, 12 January - 22 March, 2016

A very special book club has been created at the request of readers to explore The Value Crisis one chapter per evening.  This free series takes place every second Tuesday (7pm-8:30) at the Alton Branch and is open to all.  Read the brochure or click here to learn more.
bullet Stellar review for The Value Crisis from well-respected journal!, Alternatives Journal, 09 July, 2015

"Andrew Welch has a thing about numbers.  He loves them.  But he gradually began to see the disconnect between growing, multiple global crises and the day-to-day human behaviour that produced them. [...] Dizzingly well researched... This book is a great reference on the in and outs of economics, politics, finance and the human condition."  Read full review
bullet Andrew Welch selected as Author of the Month, Caledon Public Library, April, 2015

Andrew Welch has been selected by the Caledon Public Library as their Read Local Caledon showcase author for April 2015.  Read more details
bullet Global climate and economic crises really a crisis in values, author says at Guelph Resilience Festival, Guelph Mercury (front page), March 30, 2015

"Andrew Welch doesn't deny there's a crisis.  He just has another way of looking at the crisis.  And in doing so, he hopes to find a different set of answers."  Read article
bullet The first published review for The Value Crisis, Tapestry Magazine, King Township, Winter 2015

"Andrew Welch voices the concern – and examines the causes - that many of us have but cannot articulate as well as he does: that human values everywhere are decaying at an alarming rate. [...] This is a thought-provoking book that you should read, act upon, and share."  Read full review
bullet Andrew Welch’s new book explores today’s conundrums, Caledon Citizen, September 18, 2014

"Caledon resident Andrew Welch will be officially launching his book, entitled The Value Crisis – From Dollars to Democracy, Why Numbers are Ruining Our World at Alton Mill Arts Centre tomorrow (Friday) at 7 p.m."  Read article
bullet Town Crier has talent for community service, The Erin Advocate, February 12, 2014

"Andrew Welch is a man of many green hats, not just the large ceremonial one he wears when playing the part of Erin’s Town Crier.  His interest in environmental issues has led to involvement with Transition Erin (even though he lives in Alton), using his experience as a corporate facilitator to help bring together a collection of working groups."  Read article
bullet First it was Earth Hour, now Earth Day is upon us, Caledon Enterprise, April 15, 2010

"Forty years ago this month, humanity celebrated the very first Earth Day.  It was, for most of us, the dawning on our consciousness of the connection between the two – Earth and the human species."  Read article
bullet Atwood readings and entertainment at Claude church will mark Earth Day, Caledon Enterprise, April 17, 2009
"Earth Day 2009 (imagine a drum roll here and a cymbal crash).  We could just let it go by like any other of the 364 days OR we could, with our families, make it memorable and meaningful.  And without much planning or effort on our part.  April 22, international Earth Day, will be marked in Caledon this year in a unique manner, thanks to the imagination and commitment of Caledon author and performer, Andrew Welch."  Read article
bullet Super Guy, SideRoads of Caledon & Erin, Dec. 1, 2008

"Alton resident Andrew Welch is surely a Renaissance man, maybe even a superman.  With talents as a take charge environmentalist, businessman, actor, musician, facilitator, IT specialist, writer and mountain climber, Welch sees the big picture in everything he does, a talent, which is having an impact right here in Caledon."  Read article

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