The Value Crisis

A dynamic, engaging and
high-energy presentation.

- Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia

I just wanted to say how much
I enjoyed Mr. Welch's topic.
It sure makes one think
of alternatives to math.
The high point was his ability
to give examples so we, at our
level could understand a point.

- Bob A., Transition Bay St. Margarets

Video Playlist

This list offers a wide range of video captures, from full-length speaking engagements to very short teasers and extracts.  Also be sure to check out some of Andrew Welch's audio podcasts.

bullet "Our Value Personae" - September 2023 (36:12)

Andrew was invited to address the congregation at West Hill United Church, speaking on human values, and specifically referencing their impressive 2-page VisionWorks document.  This half-hour 'sermon' gives an excellent introduction to Andrew's views on what he calls our value personae, as well as opening us up to one of his most important concepts: the contrast between number-based-values and qualitative (or human) values.

bullet "More is Always Worth More" - July 2023 (1:23)

A brief promotional video, produced by the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR), extracted from a full CACOR talk on The Value Crisis, presented by Andrew Welch.  The video highlights the author's key attribute of number-based value systems - that More is ALWAYS Worth More.

bullet "The Value Crisis" - Sept. 2022 (1:29:55)

The author was invited by the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) to give an hour-long PowerPoint talk, introducing The Value Crisis, and relating the material back to the many topics that are of specific interest to CACOR.  The audience was a well-read group of intellectuals, and this Zoom presentation offers an excellent overview of The Value Crisis for that type of viewer.

bullet "Values & Conflict" - July 2022 (1:21:42)

This Zoom panel discussion was organized by the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR).  Andrew Welch opens the discussion with a brief 10-minute presentation, outlining his unique take on the importance of conflict in value systems.

bullet Rethinking Tomorrow's Values - YouTube video, added June 2022 (1:10:05)

Climate change, cultural diversity, work/life balance, social inequity, electoral reform - all these challenges have a common thread that might surprise you, according to Andrew Welch, author of The Value Crisis.  His unique perspective on numbers and how we measure value offers a subtle but powerful explanation for our accelerating self-destructive behaviours, and what the solutions for the next generation might entail.

Check out one of Andrew's best talks!

bullet "Our Second Chance, Interview" - March 2022 (1:24:58)

The author was invited by Whole Village (an Ecovillage in Caledon, Ontario) to introduce his long-awaited sequel to The Value Crisis.


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